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     ELECTRIC:Shanghai Lishi Electrical Co., Ltd. is professional factory which was founded in 1987 is a production of explosion-proof electrical products. From its inception, the company obtained the honor and patents 10. Development has produced miniature X-ray non-destructive flaw detector, a variety of ceramic metal X light transmitting tube and flame-proof type vacuum magnetic starter, explosion-proof soft starter, flameproof and intrinsically safe type starter, coal mine intelligent comprehensive protector, mine portable gas alarm, the product is widely used in Pingshuo, Shendong coal, Yanzhou, Huaibei, Fenxi, Linfen, Huozhou, Xuzhou, Guizhou and other major coal mines and services throughout the country.

       LEE'S FUDA:Shanghai LEE'S FUDA Electromechanical Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a professional company engaged in ship ballast water treatment system of R & D, design and production, is a collection of R & D, design, manufacture and installation, technical consulting, sales and service as one of the high-tech entities, in order to effectively control the ballast water discharge pollution problems, in order to protect the waters of all human beings.

       FUDA NOBEL:Shanghai Fuda Nobel Health & Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the first stationed in Shanghai Fudan Science Park (founded by Fudan University in Shanghai and other high technology park) of the enterprise, specializes in water quality processor, household sub quality water supply system, intelligent residential building sub quality water supply system, as well as the health of small household electrical appliances and other relates to the protection of human health and the environment and other products R & D and production.